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  • Model1144A
  • MakerAgilent
  • Description1144A 액티브 프로브, 800MHz
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The Keysight 1144A active probe provides an excellent combination of high bandwidth, high input resistance, and low input capacitance. This combination is superior to that of passive divider probes because it provides minimal circuit loading at high and low frequencies. As signal speeds increase, passive divider probes may not deliver the performance needed. This can result in waveshapes that do not represent the actual signal.

To help you minimize circuit loading, the Keysight 1144A boasts a 800 MHz bandwidth, 1 M Ohm input resistance, and 2 pF input capacitance. It can be connected to any instrument with 50 Ohm inputs. An external 50 Ohm termination can also be used with high impedance inputs.

For use with 6000 Series 300 MHz – 1 GHz, 54641A/D and 54642A/D oscilloscopes the Keysight 01144-61604 adapter can be used with this power supply to provide power for two channels of active probing.

Versatile accessories allow for easy connection to your device under test. For example, the dual lead adapter combines with the two mini-pincher tips to provide a solid connection to 0.050 inch pitch surface mount devices for hands-off probing. Also, the ground bayonet has a short ground lead to minimize measurement errors such as ringing, caused by parasitic inductances.

  • DC ~ 800MHz 프로브 대역폭
  • 10:1 감쇄
  • ±40Vdc + 피크 ac 최대 입력 전압





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