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  • Model2308
  • MakerKeithley
  • DescriptionPortable Device Battery/Charger Simulator
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Testing portable, battery-operated devices under real-word conditions demands a DC power supply that can simulate a battery’s performance over a wide range of conditions. Series 2300 battery simulating power supplies can simulate both a battery’s output resistance and output voltage response. The dual-channel versions of these power supplies provide one channel to act like a battery and sink current for simulating a discharged rechargeable battery; the other channel supplies voltage for testing a device’s charge control circuitry. The new 2306-LAN Dual-Channel Battery Charger / Simulator provides a LAN communication interface through the added RJ-45 connector on the rear of the instrument.



Ultra-fast response to transient load currents Provides output characteristics identical to actual batteries.

Variable output resistance 

Allows simulating a battery’s internal resistance.
Pulse peak, average, and baseline load current measurements Supports measuring load currents for power consumption verification or analysis.
100nA DC current sensitivity Provides the sensitivity needed to monitor the low sleep mode currents of battery-operated products.
Current step measure function Supports measuring the load current at each level of a device’s operational states.
Sink up to 3A Acts just like an electronic load, which allows these supplies to simulate a discharged rechargeable battery for use in testing the performance of battery chargers or battery charger control circuitry.
Open sense lead detection Indicates if there is a broken remote sense lead or an open connection from a remote sense lead to the test fixture.
Built-in digital voltmeter Allows measuring signals from –5V to +30V DC anywhere in the test system with the same rated accuracy as the supply’s voltage readback.


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