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  • Model34460A
  • MakerKeysight
  • DescriptionDigital Multimeter, 6 ½ Digit, Basic Truevolt
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  • Stock문의요망

Truevolt DMM’s graphical capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. Both models also provide a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients.

The ability to measure very low current, 1 μA range with pA resolution, allows you to make measurements on very low power devices.

Auto calibration allows you to compensate for temperature drift so you can maintain measurement accuracy throughout your workday.

In a rack or on a bench real-world signals are never flat. They have some level of AC signal riding on top from power line noise, other environmental noise, or injected current from the meter itself. How well your meter deals with these extraneous factors and eliminates them from the true measurement makes a big difference to your accuracy. Behind the scenes, Keysight’s Truevolt technology accounts for measurement errors created by these real-world factors so you can be confident in your measurements and it is only available on Keysight DMMs.

MOdel 34460A
max. Display 6½ digit
Accuracy 0.0075% DCV
Max. reading rate 300 rdgs/s
Inferface USB 2.0 Standard, GPIB IEEE-488, LAN/LXI Core (optional)
Memory 1,000 rdgs





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