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  • Model4294A
  • MakerAgilent
  • Description4294A 정밀 임피던스 분석기, 40 Hz ~ 110 MHz
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Keysight / Agilent 4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer, 40 Hz to 110 MHz

The 4294A precision impedance analyzer is an integrated solution for efficient impedance measurement and analysis of components and circuits. The 4294A covers a broader test-frequency range (40 Hz to 110 MHz) with Basic impedance accuracy: ±0.08 %. Excellent High Q/Low D accuracy enables analysis of low-loss components. The wide signal-level ranges enable device evaluation under actual operating conditions. The test signal level range is 5 mV to 1 Vrms or 200 µA to 20 mArms, and the DC bias range is 0 V to ±40 V or 0 mA to ±100 mA. Advanced calibration and error compensation functions eliminate measurement error factors when performing measurements on in-fixture devices. The 4294A is a powerful tool for design, qualification and quality control, and production testing of electronic components. Circuit designers and developers can also benefit from the performance/functionality offered.

  • Features:

    • Impedance Parameters: |Z|-∅, R-X, Ls-Rs, Ls-Q, Cs-Rs, Cs-Q, Cs-D, |Y|-∅, G-B, Lp-G, Lp-Q, Cp-G, Cp-Q, Cp-D, Complex Z-Y, |Z|-Ls, |Z|-Cs, |Z|-Lp, |Z|-Cp, |Z|-Rs, |Z|-Q, |Z|-D, Lp-Rp, Cp-Rp
    • Basic impedance accuracy: ±0.08 %
    • Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 110 MHz
    • Frequency Resolution: 1 mHz
    • Voltage Signal Level: 5 mVrms to 1 Vrms
    • Current Signal Level: 200 µArms to 20 mArms
    • Internal Bias: 0 to ±40 Vdc; 0 to ±100 mA
    • Sweep Parameters: Frequency, Signal Voltage, Signal Current, DC Bias Voltage, DC Bias Current
    • Sweep Types: linear, log, list, zero span, manual, up/down
    • LAN, GPIB, 8 Bit I/O, 24 Bit I/O, VGA Monitor Interfaces
    • 90 to 132 Vac or 198 to 264 Vac; 47-63 Hz operation
    • Option 1D5 adds: High Stability Frequency Reference

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