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53132A – 012

  • Model53132A
  • MakerHP
  • Description53132A 225 MHz Universal Counter
  • Option012
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  • Stock문의요망

Agilent HP 53132A Universal Counter

The Agilent 53132A Series of RF/ Universal Counters give fast, precise frequency measurements at an affordable price. It has become the industry standard for performance and reliability. Real-time digital signal processing is used to analyze data while simultaneously taking new readings. This “continuous count” technology results in high-resolution measurements in a fraction of the time it takes for other counters. These counters feature built-in statistics, math functions, automated limit testing and the ability to store up to 20 front-panel setups.


  • Measurements include frequency, frequency ratio, time interval, rise/fall time, phase, duty cycle, positive/negative pulse width, totalize, peak voltage, time interval average and time interval delay
  • Automated limit tests and one-button measurement setups for fast, easy operation
  • Two 225 MHz input channels, plus optional third channel up to 12.4 GHz
  • Built-in statistics feature lets you simultaneously measure average, min/max, and standard deviation
  • 12 digits per second, 150 ps time interval resolution

001: Medium Stability Oven Timebase
010: High Stability Oven Timebase
012: Ultra High Stability Oven Timebase
030: Add 3.0 GHz Channel 3 to standard 225 MHz Channels 1 and 2
050: Add 5.0 GHz Channel 3 (N connector) to standard 225 MHz Channels 1 and 2
060: Chan.1 and 2 rear inputs in parallel with front inputs
124: Add 12.4 GHz Channel 3 (N connector) to standard 225 MHz Channels 1 and 2
1CM: Rackmount Kit


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