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  • Model6050A
  • MakerPower designs
  • Description60 Volt / 5 Amp / 60 W DC Power Supply
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POWER DESIGN 6050A is a high performance, high reliability, programmable linear DC power supply that is suitable for a variety of applications. Its key features include a microprocessor-controlled design that delivers clean, stable and reliable DC power with excellent load regulation characteristics and dynamic performance, as well as voltage and current range selections. 

6050A has two individually programmable outputs (A and B). Output A is rated for a maximum of 120V/3A and output B is for 0-60V/3A. When in use, both outputs are continuously variable and operate independently using zero crossing switching technology. With the combination of these two outputs, POWER DESIGN 6050A is capable of providing a comprehensive range of power between 0-180V/3A. 6050A has voltage, current and power tracking modes for each output. Its unique voltage tracking mode improves the voltage regulation by automatically compensating for any load changes while its current tracking mode ensures optimal current is maintained even when the line voltage changes. In addition, the power tracking mode is configured to dynamically adjust the supplied current as load changes as well as maintaining power up to the selected levels. Also, POWER DESIGN 6050A has built-in current and voltage limiting function for both outputs as well as dynamic output ports for easier connections. It is fitted with an output filter to eliminate any noise or radio interference. Furthermore, 6050A offers an intuitive graphical LCD display on its front panel, allowing users to see the real-time power supply status, status messages and a variety of other parameters. Also, the power supply is designed to be highly reliable, with advanced thermal management and overload circuit protection. This ensures that POWER DESIGN 6050A operates stably and safely even in the most demanding conditions. The power supply is built with safety protection mechanisms such as over voltage, over current, over temperature and under voltage protection, providing exceptional safety features for applications such as medical and computing equipment. In conclusion, 6050A is a superb mechanical and electrical DC power supply, capable of providing clean, reliable and programmable power for a variety of applications. Its modern design, multi-function features, excellent load regulation and protection mechanisms make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.





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