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The 80A02 EOS/ESD Protection module protects the sampling bridge
of Tektronix electrical sampling module inputs from damage due to
electro-overstress (EOS) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) from circuit
boards and cables. The 80A02 is intended for use in applications such as
electrical TDR circuit board testing and cable testing where large static
charges can be stored in the DUT.
The 80A02 plugs into any available electrical sampling module plug-in slot
of the DSA/TDS/CSA8K Series, legacy CSA11K Series, or legacy CSA803
Series sampling oscilloscopes.
The 80A02 provides a front-panel SMA connector for connecting the
SMA test cable or probe signal from the DUT. The 80A02 passes the
acquired DUT signal to a connected electrical sampling module input for
measurement after an actuating control (from the matching P80318 or
P8018 high-performance probe, or customer-provided external switch, TTL,
or CMOS control logic input) which signals the 80A02 that the DUT has
been grounded to discharge any electrostatic charge remaining in the DUT.
When used with either matching P80318 or P8018 20 GHz handheld probe
(with probe tip pressure actuating feature) the 80A02 provides a superior
technique and performance capability for electrical sampling module
EOS/ESD protection of acquired electrical signal and TDR measurement.
(See P80318 or P8018 product description.)

Single-channel Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electro-overstress
(EOS) Damage Protection for Tektronix Electrical Sampling Modules
Plugs into and is Powered from Sampling Mainframe
Compatible with Tektronix Extender Cables
<37 ps Reflected Rise Time when used with 80E04 or SD24 Electrical
Sampling TDR Modules


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