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  • Model8116A
  • MakerHP
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The fully programmable HP 8116A features pulse as well as function generator capabilities in one small unit. A broad 1 mHz-50 MHz
band for all waveforms and a wide choice of operating and modulating modes assure high flexibility. These factors, plus good repeatability, make the HP 8116A a sound, long-term investment.
HP’s custom IC’s have made it feasible to put the many HP 8116A
capabilities into such a small volume. Handling is simplified by a
unique, microprocessor-controlled, operating concept which ensures a
clear overview of the compact front panel at all times. When the mode
and waveform have been selected, illuminated labels show which parameters must be set. There’s no clutter, no confusion.
Auto vernier. In normal mode, the HP 8116A’s auto- vernier increments any desired parameter continuously until a stop signal is applied. This means that thresholds can be measured automatically,
without a controller.
Level or amplitude programming. The HP 8116A’s output can be
programmed in terms of high and low levels or in terms of amplitude
and offset. Consequently a direct, automatic, conversion is always
feasible so that the HP 8116A can be programmed in the same terms
as the device is specified.
Safe limit. Devices can be protected by the limit feature. This prevents the output from exceeding a given magnitude.

Sine, triangle, square, haverfunctions and dc
1 mHz-50 MHz, 32 Vpp for all waveforms
Variable (10 ns min) pulse width, 6 ns transitions
Wide range of operating capability
Self-prompting operating concept
Error recognition and self test

Specifications apply with 50-ohm load and temperatures in the
range 0°C to 55°C.
Sine, triangle, ramp, square, pulse, haversine, havertriangle, dc.
Range: 1 mHz to 50 MHz (3-digit resolution).
(pulse mode, 50% d/c): ±3% ±0.3 mHz below 100 kHz,
±5% above 100 kHz.
Jitter (pulse mode, 50% d/c): <0.1% + 100 ps.
Stability: ±2% (1 hour), ±5% (24 hours).
Duty cycle: (sine, triangle, square, haversine, havertriangle).
Range: 10% to 90% (20% to 80% above 1 MHz), 2-digit resolution.
: ±0.5 digits (±3 digits above 1 MHz).
Pulse Width
Range: 10.0 ns to 999 ms (3-digit resolution).
: ±5% ± 2 ns.
Jitter: <0.1% (0.2% + 200 ps for width <10 µs).
Output Characteristics
(voltages double into high impedance).
Range: 10.0 mVpp to 16.0 Vpp (3-digit resolution).
: ±5% (at 1 kHz for sine and triangle).
Flatness (sine): ±3% (±5% above 1 MHz, +5 -15% above
10 MHz).
Flatness (triangle): ±3% (±5% above 1 MHz, +5-25% above
10 MHz).
Offset and dc Mode
Range: 0.00 to ±7.95 V (0 to ±795 mV for amplitude
< 100 mVpp).
Resolution: 3 digits.
:0.5% of setting ± 1% of ampl ± 40 mV (+2 mV if ampl
< 100 mVpp, ±20 mV in dc mode).
Distortion (sine, normal mode, 50% duty cycle).
Total harmonic distortion (10 Hz 50 kHz): <1% (-40 dB)*.
Harmonic related signals (50 kHz 1 MHz): <-34 dB,
(1 MHz 50 MHz): <-23 dB*.
*May increase by 3 dB below 10°C and above 45°C.
Non-linearity (triangle, ramp, 100 mHz-1 MHz): <±3%.
Pulse and Square Wave Characteristics
Transitions: <7 ns.
Pulse perturbations: <±5% ±2 mV.
Output impedance: 50 ohm ±5%.
Operating Modes
Normal, trigger*, gate*, external width
Logarithmic Up Sweep (for all waveforms).
Range: Start and stop frequencies selectable up to full range
(1 mHz-50MHz).
Sweep time: selectable in 1-2-5 sequence from 10 ms to 500
seconds per decade.
Sweep repetition: continuous sweeps (internal sweep) or externally triggered.
Counted Burst* (for all waveforms).
Burst length: 1 to 1999 cycles.
Burst repetition: internally triggered at selectable intervals from
100 ns to 999 ms (except in Pulse mode), or externally triggered, up to 40 MHz.
‘Selectable (-90°) start-phase for haversine, havertriangle.
Control Modes
Frequency modulation: ±5% max deviation.
Sensitivity: 1 V for 1% deviation.
Modulating frequency: dc to 20 kHz.
Amplitude Modulation
Sensitivity: ±2.5 V for 100% mod. (+2.5 V to -7.5 V for DSBSC).
Modulating frequency: dc to 1 MHz.
Pulse Width Modulation
Range: 10 ns to 1 s in 8 non-overlapping decade ranges.
Max. width ratio: 10:1.
Sensitivity: ±9 V for 1:10 ratio.
Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
Range: 2 decades in range 1 MHz-50 MHz.
Sensitivity: 0.1 V to 10 V for 2 decades.
Modulating frequency: dc to 1 kHz.
Manual: simulates external input.
1 cycle (option 001): triggers single output cycle in Trigger, Gate
and Ext Burst modes.
Auto vernier: continuous vernier which can be remotely or manually
Limit: programmable maximum output levels to protect DUT.
Complement: selectable normal/complement output.
Disable: relay disconnects output.
External Input
Threshold: ±10 V adjustable.
Max input voltage: ±20 V.
Sensitivity: 500 mVpp.
Min pulse width: 10 ns.
Input impedance: 10 k typ.
Trigger slope: positive, negative and off.
Control Input
Max input voltage: ± 20 V.
Input impedance: 10 k typ.
Trigger Output
Output levels: 0/2.4 V typ.
Output impedance: 50 ohm typ.
X-Output (Option 001) for sweep X-Y recording (rear panel).
Output levels: 0 V (= start frequency) to 10 V max.
Slope: 1.5 V per sweep decade.
Marker Output (Option 001) for sweep (rear panel).
Output levels: TTL
Leading edge: positive at selected marker frequency.
Hold Input (Option 001), rear panel.
Input levels: TTL
Leading edge: positive transition causes HP 8116A output
(f <10 Hz) to hold at instantaneous level. Output
droop 0.01% per second.
Max input voltage: ±20 V
HP-IB Capability
All manual key operations are programmable. Talk mode provides
learn, status byte and error report capabilities.
Battery-backup RAM retains current operating state.
Repeatability: factor 4 better than accuracy.
Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C.
Operating temperature: 0°C to 55°C.
Humidity: 95% RH, 0°C to 40°C.
Power: 100/120/220/240 V rms; +5%, -10%; 48 to 440 Hz;
120 VA max.
Weight: net, 5.9 kg (13 lb). Shipping, 8.0 kg (18 lb).
Size: 89 H x 212.3 W x 422 mm D (3.5″ x 8.36″ x 16.6″)


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