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83712B – 1E8 1E9

  • Model83712B
  • MakerHP
  • Description10MHz-20GHz, Synthesized CW Generator
  • Option1E8 1E9
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The Keysight 83712B synthesized CW generator sets a new standard for performance at a price that is surprisingly affordable. No longer will you have to give up frequency coverage, modulation or reliability to meet your budget. This signal source will perform beyond your expectations at a price within your reach. Fundamental oscillators and switched low-pass filters deliver <-55 dBc harmonics, eliminate subharmonics and suppress spurious to <-60 dBc. This signal source provides plenty of output power (typically >+14 dBm), while spectral purity is maintained even at high power levels (typical output power at frequencies below 1 GHz is +20 dBm).

Frequenct range 10 MHz – 20 GHz
High stability time base for frequency accuracy
Low SSB phase noise for out-of-channel tests
High power output for driving the LO port of mixers
Low output power with option 1E1 for receiver sensitivity and SINAD measurements
Harmonics <-50dBc (at levels < +6 dBm) 

83711B 1 to 20 GHz synthesized CW generator
83712B 0.01 to 20 GHz synthesized CW generator
83731B 1 to 20 GHz synthesized signal generator
83732B 0.01 to 20 GHz synthesized signal generator
Option 1E1 Adds 110 dB output step attenuator
Option 1E2 Adds internal modulation generator
(83731B/32B only)
Option 1E5 Adds high-stability timebase
Option 1E8 1 Hz frequency resolution
Option 1E9 3.5 mm RF output connector
Option 800 Analog phase modulation
(83731B/32B only)
Option 0B2 Extra operating manual
Option 0BV Service documentation, component level
Option 0BW Service documentation, assembly level
Option 1CM Rack mount kit (Part number 5062-3977)
Option 1CP Rack mount and handle kit
(Part number 5062-3983)
Option 1CR Rack slide kit (Part number 1494-0059)
Option W30 Two additional years return to-Agilentservice
Option W32 Three-year return-to-Agilent calibration
Option W34 Three-year Mil-Std calibration servic





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