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  • ModelACE MX
  • MakerAzimuth
  • DescriptionChannel Emulator
  • Rental문의요망
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The ACE-RNX can simulate (and emulate) various channel environments, including 3GPP fading models (propagation), MIMO, Carrier Aggregation (CA), and 5G NR antenna arrays.

  • Industry’s first and only environment emulation capability (enabled by the Virtual Network Environment capability)
  • Industry’s only environment creation wizard, Scenario Builder
  • Director™ II Test executive optimized for multilink testing
  • Cloud architecture that maximizes test-bed utilization
  • Advanced RF Performance

ACE RNX is a purpose-built easy-to-use network environment emulation platform for testing LTE-A HetNet and beyond, and it makes available the emulation of complex and advanced-mechanism basis environment (e.g. ICIC, eICIC, FeICIC, and NAICS) with industry’s best RF performance and Director 3, which provides innovative new tools for multi-link testing, inside the lab.

Channel Model

  • Support various standards
    • 3GPP LTE, HST model, Moving propagation model
    • Geometric Channel Models (IMT-A, SCME)
    • Up to 1ms propagation delay
    • 2 kHz Doppler support 3.8 GHz

HetNet Environment Emulation

  • Virtual Network Environment (VNE)
    • Support xICIC (e.g. ICIC, eICIC, FeICIC, NAICS) verification
    • Generate muximum 3x interference signals

Ease-of-use and cost focused GUI design concept

  • Director 3 Test Executive
    • Cloud based Test Executive
    • Graphical and Drag-and-Drop basis operation

Channel Emulation Specifications

Max Number of Channels: Scalable from 4 to 64 channels

Taps per Channel: 24

Channel Models
– Model Packs:

Industry standard models such as:
– WiMAX Forum Channel Models based on ITU
– 3GPP SCM, Channel Models (Spatial channel
model for Multiple Input Multiple
Output (MIMO) simulations)
– 3GPP/3GPP2 GSM/CDMA/3G Channel Models
(SISO Models from the 3GPP
and 3GPP2 for GSM, CDMA, EDGE, HSPA etc.)
– 3GPP LTE Channel Models
– SCME Channel Models for link level Extended
SCM Models
– IMT-A and SCME-A Spatial Channel Models
– High speed train model scenarios
– Birth/death and moving propagation scenarios

RF Specifications

RF Input Frequency: 450 – 2700 MHz

Center Frequency: Tunable in 10 KHz steps

Bandwidth: 50 MHz

Input Signal Level: +15 to -40 dBm

Crest Factor: 15 dB

RF Attenuator Range: 75 dB

RF Output Power Peak: -5 to -118 dBm





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