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AQ2140 -AQ2735

  • ModelAQ2140
  • MakerAndo
  • DescriptionOptical Multimeter
  • OptionAQ2735
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In today’s multimedia era a diversity of new services
are starting up. Multimedia communication requires
an optical access network to handle the largecapacity information transfers desired by society,
and it is under construction now. The appearance
of optical fiber amplifiers, meanwhile, has triggered
a sharp climb in demand for all sorts of optical
components. Against this background, the AQ2140
Optical Multimeter was developed to serve as a
basic optical measurement instrument in a wide
range of applications from R&D to optical fiber and
component manufacture, and construction and
maintenance. This single unit provides high
precision, powerful functions and high-speed
measurement, making it possible to use it as an
optical power meter, a stabilized light source, a loss
test set or a return loss measurement instrument

●High accuracy
Measurement accuracy of ±2.5% is guaranteed
under the reference conditions.
●Wide wavelength range and dynamic range
Covers a wide waveband from 400 to 1870nm, and
provides a dynamic range of 100dB or more for loss
measurement. (It depends on sensors.)
●Low polarization dependence
The AQ2733 and AQ2734 Sensor Units achieve a
low polarization dependence of 0.02dBp-p or less.
●Support for the 1650nm band
The AQ2734 Sensor Unit uses a photodiode with flat
wavelength sensitivity from 1300 to 1800nm, for
accurate measurement at 1650nm as well.
Light source unit
●High stability
The LD unit has an internal isolator that maintain
optical output level stability at ±0.003dB.
●Optical power attenuation function
Optical power can be decreased in 0.1dB steps to
●Support for a variety of connectors
A wide variety of optical connectors can be used just
be exchanging the universal and connector adapters
(AQ4214 excluded).
Return loss unit
●High accuracy
Because internal self-reflectance data is stored by
individual units in memory to correct operations,
even high-reflectance attenuation can be measured
with excellent accuracy.
●High stability
The internal high-stability sensor can be used
together with the LD unit to provide stable reflectance
attenuation measurement.
●Simple operation
Mounted with a return loss unit and LD unit, the
display will show reflectance attenuation after
measurement of reference reflectance by merely
disconnecting the measured fiber cable.

AQ2735        700 to 1700nm, –73 to +27dBm, for optical fiber emission





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