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  • ModelAQ8204
  • MakerAndo
  • DescriptionOptical Test and Measurement System
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Frame Controller
The AQ8204 Frame Controller (hereinafter called this device) is the united STN color LCD and controller equipped with the 8-slot interface specially prepared for AQ8201 optical measurement modules.
This device functions as a general-purpose controller of these modules. It allows external control of the mounted modules via GP-IB interface.
Although this device is a desktop type, using special treatment device allows you to incorporate it into the 19-inch EIA-complied rack. You can construct measuring systems of various types by incorporating two or more this device into the 19-inch EIA-complied rack and controlling their operations externally via GP-IB. This device connects up to four AQ8202 Expander frames.

Select the frame according to application
● AQ8202-01 System Controller
• Connects the AQ8202 Expander Frame and controls up to 40
● AQ8203 Halfsize Frame
• Compact and portable design
• Three modules can be mounted
• Connects the AQ8202 Expander Frame and controls up to 43
● AQ8204 Frame Controller
• A frame with controller that can be mounted with 8 modules
• Connects the AQ8202 Expander Frame and controls up to 48
● AQ8202 Expander Frame
• A frame to be used when controlling more modules
• Ten modules can be mounted
• Up to four units can be connected to each of models AQ8202-01,
AQ8203 and AQ8204
Applies mainframe for 19-inch rack
Highly visible 6.5-inch TFT color LCD (AQ8202-01)
Wide range of module lineup for varied applications
• WDM DFB-LD light source, ASE light source, ECL light source,
optical attenuator, optical powermeter, optical switch, optical
coupler, return loss measurement


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