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  • ModelAWG7122C
  • MakerTektronix
  • DescriptionArbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망
  • Wideband RF/MW for Communications and Defense Electronics
  • Wideband Direct RF/MW Output up to 9.6 GHz Carrier
  • High-speed Serial Communications
  • Up to 6 Gb/s Data Rate for Complex Serial Data Streams (4x Oversampling, Interleaved)
  • Provides any Profile Multilevel Signals to allow Timing (Jitter) Margin Testing without External Power Combiners
  • Mixed-signal Design and Test
  • 2-channel Analog plus 4-channel Marker Outputs
  • High-speed, Low-jitter Data/Pulse and Clock Source
  • Real-world, Ideal, or Distorted Signals – Generates Any Combination of Signal Impairments Simultaneously
  • 12.0 GS/s (24 GS/s interleaved), 8/10 bit, 32M point
  • 2 Channel
  • Wideband RF/MW Modulation Bandwidth
  • Generates Complex Wideband Signals across a Frequency Range of up to 9.6 GHz
  • Generates Modulation Bandwidths of up to 5.3 GHz (–3 dB)
  • Waveform Sequencing and Subsequencing
  • Enables Creation of Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and Conditional Branches
  • Enhance the Ability to Replicate Real-world Signal Behavior
  • Dynamic Jump Capability
  • Enables the Creation of Complex Waveforms that Respond to Changing External Environments
  • Vertical Resolution up to 10 bit Available
  • Generate Signals up to 1 GHz Modulation Bandwidths with 54 dBc SFDR
  • Deep Memory: Enables the Creation of Long Complex Waveform Sequences
  • Intuitive User Interface Shortens Test Time
  • Integrated PC supports Network Integration and provides a Built-in DVD, Removable Hard Drive, LAN, eSATA, and USB Ports
  • Playback of Oscilloscope and Real-time Spectrum Analyzer Captured Signals, including Enhancements such as Adding Predistortion Effects
  • Waveform Vectors Imported from Third-party Tools such as MathCAD, MATLAB, Excel, and Others


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