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  • ModelCMWC
  • MakerR&S
  • DescriptionMulti-CMW Controller
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R&S CMWC Multi-CMW Controller

R&S®CMW-CU Control Unit At a glance Controllers play a major role in protocol testing applications because they must ensure smooth operation. The R&S®CMW-CU is a controller that meets demanding requirements. The R&S®CMW-CU is a compact, powerful control unit. It has a large number of interfaces for fast and smooth i ­ntegration in test environments. The R&S®CMW-CU features excellent EMC characteristics, a wide operating t ­ emperature range, a robust design and high reliability. Flexible expandability and ongoing development assure f ­ uture sustainability.

R&S®CMW-CU Control Unit Benefits and key features Details matter ❙❙ Motherboard developed and produced in Germany ❙❙ Compact and flexible design ❙❙ Excellent EMC values ▷▷ page 4 Compact and flexible design ❙❙ Robust, highly expandable housing ❙❙ Wealth of interfaces that meet virtually any need ■■ Five USB ports ■■ Two independent Ethernet controllers ■■ Analog VGA connector and digital DVI interface ■■ GPIB interface ▷▷ page 5 Maximum reliability Reliability, long life and customer-friendly service are of primary importance, particularly in industry. 





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