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  • ModelDVMD
  • MakerR&S
  • DescriptionMPEG2 Measurement Decoder
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MPEG2 Measurement Decoder

MPEG-2 monitor

The R&S DVRM is the optimized solution for the continuous monitoring of MPEG-2 transport streams in realtime. The measurements performed are necessary to ensure smooth interplay of all components of a DTV transmission network. Errors are signalled via the following elements:
* Front-panel LEDs
* 12 relay contacts
* Remote control interface

The R&S DVRM is controlled via the remote interface. It is designed for continuous operation, so all settings are stored in a non-volatile memory ensuring that the device is immediately ready for operation again after a power failure. New remote settings are required only to modify operating parameters or read error statistics.

The R&S DVRM comes with a PC software for remote control. The software runs under Windows operating systems (95/98 or NT/2000/XP). It communicates with the R&S DVRM via a serial interface (RS-232-C) and has a COM/DCOM software interface.

Local control and display elements are not provided because the R&S DVRM is intended for use in networked monitoring systems with one or more the R&S DVRMs being integrated.

The R&S DV-B310 option is offered for the R&S DVG, R&S DVMD, R&S DVRM and R&S DVQ baseband instruments. It is used to connect transport streams according to SMTPE-310M and replaces a TS-ASI output or input (generator or analyzer) at the rear of the instrument (with the R&S DVQ, the input is replaced at the front). A fixed transport stream data rate of 19.392658 Mbit/s with 188 byte/ packet is permissible in line with the ATSC-8VSB standard.


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