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  • ModelDVRG
  • MakerR&S
  • DescriptionDTV Recorder Generator
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The ¸DVRG is a universal processing
platform for digital video streams. It
enables recording and replay of MPEG-2
transport streams. For error analysis,
recording can be controlled by means of
an external trigger signal. The stored
signal includes time sections of different
lengths both before and after the trigger
event. For multifaceted tests of STBs,
decoders and D/A converters, the
¸DVRG offers a comprehensive
library of transport streams.

◆ Data rates up to 214 Mbit/s (TS)
◆ Data rates up to 270 Mbit/s (SDI)
◆ Hard disk memory up to 144 Gbyte
◆ Endless and seamless generation of
MPEG-2 transport streams
◆ Large selection of test signals
◆ Compatibility with ATSC and DVB
◆ Triggered recording for error analysis
(with pretrigger)
◆ Optional recording and replay of SDI
video streams
◆ Cutting function via front panel
◆ File transfer via network and CD
◆ Easy and self-explanatory operation
◆ Compact design (2 HU)
◆ Remote-control capability with support
of SCPI commands
◆ Convenient remote-control software
included in base unit


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