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E4407B – 1D5 1DR 1DS A4H AYX BAA UK9

  • ModelE4407B
  • MakerAgilent
  • DescriptionSpectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Option1D5 1DR 1DS A4H AYX BAA UK9
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The Agilent E4407B set a performance standards in measurement speed, dynamic range, accuracy, and resolving power for similarly priced products. Its flexible platform design enables R&D, manufacturing, and field service engineers to customize the product to meet specific testing needs and to upgrade the product with new features when required. The products’ selection of one button measurement solutions combined with its easily navigable user interface and performance in speed allows engineers to spend less time testing and more time designing, building, and trouble shooting components and products.

Dynamic Range +30 dBm ~ -153 dBm  
Frequency Range 9 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz  
Input Impedance 50 ohm  
Other Features -112 dBc/H  
Residual FM -90 dBc/Hz  
Resolution Bandwidth 10 Hz ~ 5 MHz  
Video Bandwidth 30 Hz ~ 3 MHz 

1D5 High stability frequency reference
1DR Narrow resolution bandwidths
1DS Preamp
A4H GPIB and Centronics interface
AYX Fast time-domain sweep
BAA FM demodulation
UK9 Front panel cover


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