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E5091A – 1

  • ModelE5091A
  • MakerAgilent
  • DescriptionMultiport Test Set
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망
The E5091A multiport test set, combined with the 4-port ENA network analyzer, offers a complete solution for multiport device measurements. The multiport test set is available in 9-port and 16-port configurations. This powerful combination offers exceptionally fast measurement speed and various features that facilitate test automation. The system is tailored for testing antenna switch modules for mobile handsets (particularly modules with balanced ports) and is a very efficient tool for a wide range of R&D and manufacturing multiport measurement applications. E5091A can be used with the Measurement Wizard Assistant software (MWA: E5071C-790, E5070B/71B-790) to drastically simplify complex system setups and increase measurement productivity. The N4431B 4-port ECal module is available for fast and efficient multiport calibration.
  • Single connection measurement of up to 16-port devices
  • Respond flexibly to future applications with the configurable test set
  • Temperature control function for increasing measurement stability
  • Built-in balanced measurement to interpret mixed-mode S-parameters
  • Solid-state switches for fast and reliable measurement
  • Measurement Wizard Assistant (MWA) software
  • Recommended ENA Series: E5071C

016 – 16-port configuration 





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