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  • AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester – the world’s first handheld tool offering intuitive, rapid Wi-Fi troubleshooting

    AirCheck allows network professionals to quickly verify and troubleshoot 802.11 a/b/g/n networks. Designed specifically for dispatched troubleshooting, AirCheck simplifies wireless testing by providing:

    • Just a few clicks to the answers needed with streamlined, guided troubleshooting
    • An instant view to required test results including network availability, connectivity, utilization, security settings, rogue hunting, and interference detection
    • A rugged, purpose-built Wi-Fi tester that’s easy to use and easy to carry

    AirCheck’s intuitive design makes it simple for anyone to quickly master. Instant power-up and streamlined tests give answers in seconds allowing trouble tickets to be closed faster – making technicians and users alike more productive. Easily manage test results and documentation using AirCheck Manager Software. From start to finish, AirCheck helps take the guesswork out of everyday wireless troubleshooting.

    AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester is a simple-to-use, handheld wireless tester that allows users to quickly verify and troubleshoot 802.11 a/b/g/n network availability, connectivity, and security all in a dedicated, handheld tool. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly see wireless network usage and easily determine if it’s Wi-Fi traffic or non- Wi-Fi interference. AirCheck helps you audit your wireless environment to identify and locate APs whether authorized or rogue (unauthorized). The tester fully documents your troubleshooting session and creates professional-quality reports. Use these reports to close your trouble ticket or to provide the required information to escalate the ticket to the next level. AirCheck provides the information you need to quickly solve your frontline Wi-Fi problems.


      EtherScope Series II Description

    First responders to network emergencies rely on the EtherScope Series II Network Assistant to solve problems fast – a handheld portable network troubleshooter for 10, 100 and Gigabit copper, fiber and wireless LANs. It combines essential tools that help frontline network professionals quickly solve the wide range of problems they encounter.

    LAN and Wi-Fi network installers rely on the EtherScope analyzer to complete projects on-time and within budget. Whether it is testing and troubleshooting during the installation or upgrade, or validating LAN operation by verifying network services and measuring Ethernet performance after the install, the EtherScope installation assistant is up to the task.

AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester

  • Dedicated, handheld 802.11 a/b/g/n tester with instant-on technology
  • Fully supports 2.4 and 5.0GHz frequency bands
  • Rapidly perform a Wi-Fi discovery to fully assess your current wireless security settings and network availability
  • See what’s using your Wi-Fi network by channel and quickly determine if it is 802.11 traffic or non-802.11 interference
  • Robust and in-depth WLAN connection tests – from probing to DHCP request to ping
  • Quickly identify and locate access points whether authorized or rogue
  • Fully documents your troubleshooting session – enabling fast trouble ticket resolution or problem escalation





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