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  • ModelGL840-M
  • MakerGraphtec
  • DescriptionGL840-M Data Logger
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Model GL840 Series is a third-generation data logger product with exceptional price/performance. It’s a 20 analog channel device expandable to 200 channels, augmented by four discrete inputs and outputs. Its discrete inputs can be configured as a group to be either logic inputs or pulse inputs. When configured for pulse, each of the four channels can be
configured to measure frequency or to count. The four discrete outputs are alarms that can be triggered by a variety of easily-defined analog and pulse/discrete input channel conditions. The 20 GL840 analog input channels may each be configured to measure a direct connected voltage in the range of 20 mV to 100 V full scale across 12 ranges, a direct-connected
thermocouple of any type, or a 3-wire PT100 or PT1000 RTD. Each of the GL840’s analog input channels is electrically
isolated from other channels and from power ground allowing off-ground measurements using shunts, as well as powered
or grounded thermocouples. Model GL840-M supports up to 60 Vp-p common mode. The most powerful GL840 feature is its triggering flexibility. Data recording can be independently started or stopped as a function of analog and pulse/
discrete signal level (single or windowed), alarm, date and time, and day-of-the-week. Triggers can also be configured to
operate only once, or to automatically repeat. The ability of the GL840 to adapt to virtually any desired trigger condition
allows the instrument to operate unattended for long periods of time with complete autonomy.
The GL840 operates either connected to a PC or entirely stand-alone. Connection to a PC may be over a standard Ethernet, USB, or optional wireless connection. Each connection approach may take advantage of supplied PC-side software
to configure, acquire, display, and record digitized information for storage directly to the PC’s HDD. Acquired data may
be retrieved for review and analysis after recording, including the ability to export to Microsoft Excel. Using the GL840’s
built-in Ethernet port or wireless option enables the instrument’s networking features, allowing it to be remotely configured and managed using the standard Web browser of any computer or smart phone. The GL840 is provided with 4 GB
of non-volatile memory embedded inside the instrument. The instrument supplies an external SD card slot for additional
storage if needed.
Finally, the measurement reach of the GL840 is further extended by use of GS Sensor accessories that can be either connected directly to the GL840 or wirelessly accessed with the B-568 wireless option using the GL100-WL. Extended measurements of temperature/humidity, acceleration, CO2, illuminance, ac current, and more are available using GS Sensor

9 20 analog input channels, expandable to 200
9 Programmable per channel
9 ±20 mV to ±100 V over 12 ranges
9 Supports direct-connected thermocouples of any type
9 Supports direct-connected PT100/PT1000 RTDs
9 Full isolation per channel (60 V)
9 4 discrete input channels
9 Programmable as a group as logic or pulse inputs
9 Pulse inputs support counter or frequency inputs
9 4 discrete alarm outputs
9 Optional WiFi wireless operation
9 Flexible triggering
9 Built-in, 7-inch color display
9 Built-in Web server operation for remote operations
9 Removable SD memory support up to 32 GB capacity
9 Operates either stand-alone or
9 PC-side software included





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