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  • ModelHD8601P
  • MakerDelta OHM
  • DescriptionThermometer
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– Measuring range: -50…+200°C
– Flat battery warning light
– Platinumsensor Pt100
– Resolution 0.1°C
– High precision
– HOLD button to hold reading
Low-cost high-precision thermometer for measurements in the range -50…+200°C.
Typical precision is ±0.25°C in the range -10…+115°C. The probe is particularly
suitable for immersion. The handle is made of polyamide 66 and can withstand
temperatures up to +100°C. To turn the instrument on, push the ON/OFF button;
push the button again to turn it off. The instrument will also turn itself off automatically after about 8 minutes. Automatic cut-off may be avoided by pressing simultaneously the HOLD key and the ON/OFF key when the instrument is off. By means
of the HOLD button it is possible to hold the reading. The HOLD mode is indicated
on the display. When the HOLD button is pressed for the second time, the instrument returns to normal operation. The instrument is fed by a 9V battery; 100 hours
continuous operation with a zinc-carbon battery, or 200 hours with an alkaline battery.
– Display 12 mm LCD
– Probe: AISI 304 steel ∅ 2.7 mm.
– Sheath length: standard size 180 mm.
– Measuring range: -50…+200°C
– Resolution 0.1°C
– Precision with environment temperature from +18°C to +25°C, probe included:
-10…+115°C: ±0.25°C ±1 digit, -50…-10°C and +115…+200°C: typically ±0.4°C,
±1 digit.
– Influence of environment temperature in the range -5…+18°C and +25…+50°C:
max ±0.08°C/°C
– Working temperature: -5…+50°C
– Storage temperature: -20…+65°C
– Response time with 90% temperature jump when immersed in water: 3.5 sec
– Power: 9V battery 200 hours continuous operation with an alkaline battery, 100
hours with a zinc-carbon battery
– Flat battery warning light
– Dimensions: 80 x 160 x 40 mm.
– Weight: 350 gr.
– Order code:
Thermometer HD 8601 with fixed immersion probe.
Thermometer HD 8601P with fixed pointed probe.


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