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  • ModelHM8130
  • MakerHAMEG
  • Description10 MHz Function Generator
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  • Stock문의요망

The Function Generator HM8130 is a highly versatile,
all-purpose signal source which is equally at home on
the bench or in an automated test system. It combines
a direct digital synthesizer(DDS), sweep function, and
an arbitrary waveform generator in one compact box.
In addition to its 5 standard waveforms (sine, rectangle,
triangle, saw tooth and pulse), “user defined” signals
can be generated using the arbitrary function with a
storage capacity of 1024 points in both vertical and
horizontal direction. Data entry, readout, and editing for
simple waveforms is possible via the external keypad
(option) point by point where the HM8130 calculates
the vectors itself. The IEEE-488 interface (option), allows
the download of the waveform data captured with
HAMEG digital scopes via an external controller. All
arbitrary waveform data is stored in a non-volatile
memory for quick recall until re-programmed.

■ Synthesized Function Generator
■ Basic Frequency 10mHz to 10MHz
■ 5 Standard Waveforms; Sweep Mode
■ Arbitrary Waveform Generation (1024 x 1024 points)
■ External Gating and external Triggering


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