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HS9005A – OCXO

  • ModelHS9005A
  • MakerHolzworth
  • Description5 ch, Multi-Channel RF Synthesizer
  • OptionOCXO
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The Holzworth HS9000 Series multi-channel platform is designed to achieve optimal channel-to channel stability across multiple integrated channel synthesizers via a conductively cooled, fan-less enclosure. Specific attention is paid to phase coherency between the independently controllable channels. Application specific frequency options can be configured to cover combinations up to 1 GHz, 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 4 GHz, 6 GHz, 12 GHz, and 18 GHz.

The HS9000 Series is a unique platform allowing the user to specify custom configurations for a COTS product. Units are loaded with anywhere from 1 to 8 channels, with the additional flexibility to specify each channel’s frequency limits and performance options. A 16-channel narrow band configuration is also available. The result is a high performance, low phase noise, fast switching, multi-channel synthesizer that is tailored to an application with an optimal price point.

  • Fully independent channel
  • Phase coherent channels
  • The ultimate in channel-to channel stability

OPT-OCXO High Performance OCXO. 10dB Improved Phase Noise at close to the carrier


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