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  • ModelIT6512
  • MakerItech
  • DescriptionWide-range High-power DC Power Supply
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IT6500 series wide range high powerDC power supply provides users with a very wide range of choices, the wholeseries includes from 800W to 6kW, as well as up to 1000V, 240A output range, atthe same time has an ultra-wide range of voltage and current. IT6500C serieshas rich measurement and high-speed response function, while IT6500D series has high performance and stable outputfunction, users can easily choose according to their requirements. IT6500 canbe used in a variety of applications, including automotive, green energy, highspeed testing, high power testing, etc. It is a dc power supply with richfeatures, excellent performance and a wide range of applications.

Voltage: 80V

Current: 60A

Power: 1200W

Resolution: 1mV/1mA

Accuracy: ≤0.03%+12mV/ ≤0.05%+20uA

Interface: RS232/USB/RS485

Size: 1U

♦ Support multiple power supplies paralleling in Master-Slave mode and ensures each power supply equally shares the load current. Extension capacity is up to 30kW output.

♦ Support various modes (CV/CC/CP), independent edge setting
♦ Adjustable rising and falling time
♦ Built-in DIN 40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11, LV124 and ISO2184 standard voltage curve for automobile power net *2

♦ Support solar panel I-V curve simulation function *3
♦ LIST mode programming
♦ Variable output impendence function *1
♦ Low ripple and low noise
♦ High resolution and high accuracy
♦ Support multiple protections (Power Supply: OVP,OCP,OPP; Vsense Reverse protection, turn-off protection, input under voltage protection
♦ Remote sense function
♦ Analog control interfaces
♦ Built-in USB/RS232/CAN/LAN interfaces


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