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  • ModelJ1981B
  • MakerAgilent
  • DescriptionVQT Quality Tester
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The Agilent VQT Portable Analyzer is a rugged, portable, and powerful PC running Windows NT. Standard features include two PCMCIA card slots, a CD-RW drive, a high-density floppy drive, and speakers. Using the VQT Portable Analyzer, you can test voice-over-packet (VoP) quality, gather and compare end-to end voice quality information, augment other traditional telephony test suites (such as TIMS), and access and run VQT tests from a remote location. You can also measure fundamental voice quality metrics such as clarity, delay, echo, and signal loss; evaluate VoP operations such as voice activity detection (VAD) and DTMF tone detection; and use tone and noise generators and wave file playback and record test tools. Implement a client/server architecture for stand-alone or remote test systems, and perform voice quality testing across most TCP/IP networks using multiple hardware platforms

Distributed VQT software allows client software for PC control of remote VQT Servers
• Delay (one-way and roundtrip)
• Clarity using PESQ (ITU P.862)
• Clarity File using PESQ applied off-line to audio files
• Clarity Trending using PESQ (trending results on multiple repetitions)
• Clarity using PAMS
• Clarity File using PAMS applied off-line to audio files
• Clarity Trending using PAMS (trending results on multiple repetitions)
• Clarity using PSQM+ (enhanced version of ITU P.861)
• Clarity File using PSQM+ applied off-line to audio files
• Clarity Trending using PSQM+ (trending results on multiple repetitions)
• Clarity Distributed One-Way Measurements for PAMS and PSQM+ measurements
• Over 150 voice samples in 9 languages for testing
• Echo – PACE (Perceived Annoyance Caused by Echo)
• Echo Double-Talk (measures performance during two-way conversation)
• Signal loss measurement
• DTMF twist and attenuation
• Voice Activity Detector: front-end clipping, hold-over time, and comfort noise generation
• Remote Audio Playback Tool
• Path confirmation
• Impulse response
• Network Simulator
• Automated Testing


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