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Keithley 237

  • Model237
  • MakerKeithley
  • DescriptionHigh Voltage Source-Measure Unit (SMU)
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The Keithley 237 High Voltage Source-Measure Unit (SMU) is a rack-mountable, GPIB-controllable instrument for DC current-voltage measurements up to a maximum of 1100 volts. The instrument is capable of measuring current to a minimum of 1pA (10pA is a more practical floor). The instrument can source/sink up to 100mA at voltages to 100v, and 10mA at voltages up to 1100. The test connections are triaxial guarded to facilitate low noise, low current measurements.

An attractive feature of the instrument is a series of pre-written Labview™ control routines, facilitating the integration of the instrument into an automated test environment, and relieving the user of the burden to learn the front-panel controls.

The MTW engineers can provide suggestions and assistance with device-under-test (DUT) fixturing and Labview™ program control via GPIB.

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Selectable sweeps of voltage and current
  • Four instruments in one (voltage source, voltage measure, current source, current measure)
  • 10 fA, 10 µV measurement sensitivity
  • 1100 V source and measure
  • Standard and custom sweep capability including pulse
  • 1000 source/measurements per second
  • Four quadrant source operation
  • Internal 1000-reading memory





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