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  • ModelME520B
  • MakerAnritsu
  • DescriptionDigital Transmission Analyzer
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The Anritsu ME520B Digital Transmission Analyzer (ME520B Transmitter and ME520B Receiver) is used to measure error rate and jitter of PCM signals with clock frequencies ranging from 1 kHz to 150 MHz (in which 1st to 4th order PCM hierarchy and 10 CH system are included).

ANRITSU ME520B delivers a high level of performance with its large, easy-to-read 3.5″ LCD display.

This LCD display offers clear and precise readings that make it easy to interpret the results. The device is also side-panel controlled, making it straightforward to use without sacrificing accuracy. Furthermore, ME520B has a wide range of measurement capabilities that includes frequency, sweep frequency, ACDC voltage, resistance, capacitance, and many more. Another unique feature of ANRITSU ME520B is its built-in signal generator, which is designed to supply sound and vibration signals of a specific frequency for determining resonance frequencies. The high-performance signal generator provides accurate waveforms, frequency coverage, and pulse widths for evaluation purposes when connected to the instrument’s oscilloscope inputs. Additionally, this instrument also provides a variety of control options, such asing autoscaling and autoranging facilities. TheME520B contains a strong noise balance anti-interference system and safety measures to prevent users from being shocked and to protect the circuitry from damage. Its self-test capabilities ensure that the instrument is operating accurately and running correctly. This instrument is designed for use in various fields, such as military, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, medical, and power plant applications. It is also suited for use in industrial, metrology, and laboratory applications. In conclusion, ME520B Electronic Test Instrument is a versatile and reliable tool for accurately diagnosing and testing a variety of electronic devices. Its advanced features, such as its comprehensive menu, wide bandwidth, and high accuracy, make it a valuable choice for performing measurements and testing applications in a variety of industries. Its signal generator feature and noise balance anti-interference system allow for accurate waveforms, frequency measurements, and pulse widths. Additionally, the instrument is built with a variety of safety measures to ensure accurate and safe operation.


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