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MFE VI.1(Code 6462)

  • ModelMFE VI.1(Code 6462)
  • MakerHEAD acoustics
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The portable, cost-effective front end MFE VI.1 forms the connecting link between data acquisition via the artificial head HMS II.3 and digital speech quality analy- sis with ACQUA. Connected to a note- book or PC via the Plug&Play USB port, it is configured and controlled by ACQUA.
Via MFE VI.1, ACQUA performs auto- mated measurements according to inter- national, HEAD acoustics or user-defined standards. MFE VI.1 thus serves for prob- lem solving, quality control, bench- marking and product optimization in many areas where the voice quality of commu- nication devices and networks plays an important role.
The integrated power amplifier allows direct connection to the artificial mouth of HMS II.3. In addition, MFE VI.1 can be extended to a digital binaural equalizer (by software option).

DSP onboard
• Signal processing/filtering/equalization in real time
• Digital filters, e.g. for echo path simulation or as user-defined filters
Mobile use
• Battery power, min. 2 h operating time
• Compact design (hand luggage)
• USB port: no PCI slots required
• Can be used with notebook User-friendly
• Integrated power amplifier allows direct connection of artifical mouth during mains operation/external power supply
• Plug&Play operation
• Control via intuitive Windows® software environment (ACQUA)
• Synchronizable in- and outputs, full duplex capabilities
• IN: 2x Balanced, 2x Line, 2x MIC, 2x Pulse, AES/EBU, USB 2.0
• OUT: 2x Balanced, 2x Line, 2x Pulse, 2x Speaker, Headphones, AES/EBU, USB 2.0
• Binaural equalizer (software option)
• High dynamic range, 24 bit technology
• On-line switching of external and internal supply, “smart charge” electronics


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