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MP300 TCL2

  • ModelMP300 TCL2
  • MakerMicropross
  • DescriptionPackage Smart Cards Tester
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The Worldwide Reference For Test Of Contactless Devices (Smartcards, NFC Devices, Readers, etc.)

•  Performs both contactless reader & smartcard simulation
•  Compatibility with smartcards, RFID tags, inlays, e-Passports, micro-modules, and NFC objects
•  Support of the ISO/IEC 14443(A/B), ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 18092, MifareTM, FeliCaTM protocols
•  Supports NFC-IP1, NFC-IP2 specifications, in all modes (active, passive mode, in active and target variants)
•  Supports all test cases defined by the NFC Forum (analog, digital, SNEP, LLCP).
•  Supports EMVCo protocols
•  Fully implements NFC peer to peer protocol
•  All physical parameters can be adjusted (field strength, carrier frequency, modulation index, etc)
•  Spy of the exchanges happening between the tester and the tested object
•  Accurate timing measurement features
•  Advanced physical measurement functionalities (chip impedance, resonance frequency measurement, field measurement)
•  Compatible with Micropross’ Universal Contactless Bench and ISO 18047 Test Bench
•  Tool is already compatible with Contactless very high baud rate (VHBR) testing
•  NFC Forum validation tool





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