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  • ModelMPD-1700
  • MakerCredix
  • DescriptionCREDIX MPD-1700 Broadcasting Signal Generator
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MPD-1700B is a multi-standard capable broadcast signal generator that supports a number

of digital TV and mobile TV standards such as ISDB-T, ISTVD, DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-C(QAMA/

C), OPEN CABLE(QAM-B), DTMB(DMB-TH/ADTB-T) and ATSC –. all these signals can be

modulated in realtime. For this purpose, MPD-1700B combines a high-quality modulator, RF

Up-converter and signal sources in one instrument.

RF output signal fully covers frequency ranges from 50MHz to 862MHz and output level can

be controlled from -116dBm to 10dBm with 0.1dB step. In addition, this system has

store/recall and remote control functions for manufacturing factories and A/S centers of

Mobile TV receivers.

Additional standards can be added as software update without any hardware modifications.

-All-in-One System
(A/V Encoder + Modulator + Up converter)
-Easy Graphic User Interface & Operation
-Various type of Patterns default supplied
H.264 and BSAC (Korean),
-HE-AAC (Chinese, German) AV Patterns
DAB Audio Patterns
-BER Pattern for actual BER measurement
Various FIG Setup
-Powerful Data Broadcasting (MOT, PAD—
DLS, SLS, BIFS, Visual Radio)
-Multi-lingual (Korean, Chinese and Germany)
in PAD
-Perfect materialized EN-50248 Receiver Test





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