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  • ModelMSPG-2033M
  • MakerMASTER
  • DescriptionProgrammable Pattern Generator
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Analog was a main item in display device industries at the past time, but from now on, the digital is getting developed with multi-function and large-sized resolution. Preparing for this change, this signal generator is an essential equipment of CRT, LCD, PDP, TV, D-TV display device industries, which was made for generating analog signal, digital signal, and TV signal, D-TV signal, HDCP Code simultaneously and sufficiently examining a large-sized display device.〔Resolution:WUXGA〕
MSPG-2033 Series are basically supporting the Teletext and Closed Caption as multi broadcast for the D-TV(NTSC, PAL), as well as V-Chip(Violence Chip) function to block the violence and sex etc. bad program to protect a person under age through the regulation grade.

Multi Video Signal Generator


250MHz Pixel Frequency for Analog Display Device

330MHz Pixel Frequency for Digital Display Device

  • DVI Single Link 165MHz
  • DVI Dual Link 330MHz
  • HDCP(Single, Dual) Support

HDMI function execution : HDMI1.1 Version

  • RGB 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2
  • YCbCr 4:2:2 MODE 8BIT, 10BIT, 12BIT Support

Support D-Terminal for Japanese D-TV

  • D5 Connector

Possible to PIP (TV,D-TV&PC (Analog/Digital)&HDMI)

4096×4096 Graphic Display Size

2048×2048 Bitmap Image Size

Variable 8-16 bit LVDS Mode Support

Fully Programmable

High Capacity Memory 999Timing, 999Pattern

CF Memory Storage (512Mbyte)

USB, RS-232C Interface PC Edit

Possible to Firm-Ware Via PC

Support PC Edit Tool (Pattern & Timing)

YPbPr output : 1080i/p,720P,480i/p etc.. ATSC&DVB Formats

CVBS output (NTSC / PAL / SECAM)

S-Video Output (Y,C)

SCART 21PIN (European TV Connector), 2 Output


  • R,L : Sine Wave & Swap & Sweep Mode
  • S / PDIF Input : Coxial, Toslink
  • S / PDIF Output : Toslink
  • Variable Audio Level & Frequency

Teletext (PAL Only)


Closed caption (NTSC Only)

Dimension and Weight : 440mm(W) x 332mm(D) x 126mm(H) / 6.5kg


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