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MT1000/e KFZ

  • ModelMT1000/e KFZ
  • MakerPeiseler
  • DescriptionMT Pulse Transducer
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The MT …/e KFZ series transducers are designed specially for collecting data on rotational speed of (car) wheels.

These transducers are mainly used for acceleration and slip measurements, prolonged testing as well as for track distance measurements and crash tests.

Custom designed test systems also use this type of pulse generators. Main features of Peiseler MT …/e KFZ motion transducers: high
precision, robust metal casing, largely unaffected by weather and environmental conditions, short time needed for mounting onto car wheels.
For decades, these pulse generators have been used worldwide for vehicle test purposes.

* Casing: anodized aluminium with double ball
* Protection: IP 67
* Maximum speed: Type – FK (cable within spring): 160 km/h
* Type – RS, RK, RM: 300 km/h
* Life: > 100 000 km
* Power supply: 5…15VDC
* Reverse Polarity: max. 15VDC
* Current consume.: max. 60mA (MT1000/e max. 120mA)
* Number of pulses: standard versions: 100, 500, 1000 ppr, *
* Temperature range: -25 °C up +65°C
* Pulse output: two channels with n pulses/rev., phase shifted by 90°
* Signal for sense of rotation: square wave signal, polarity depending on mounting direction, protective series resistance 100 Ohms
* Pulse ratio: 50 % ± 5 %
* Output voltage: 5V square wave pulses
* Connection: cable permanently connected, at end of cable 5-pin plug
* Pin assignment
1: ground
2: signal for sense of rotation
3: pulse channel 1
4: pulse channel 2 (that is processed by Peiseler testers)
5: 5…15VDC
* Cable length: 5m (max. length 20 m)
* Dimensions: diameter 69 mm, height 62 mm
* Weight: approx. 1.1kg
*Length of guiding tube: approx. 69 cm; other length upon request.


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