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  • ModelN4011A
  • MakerAgilent
  • DescriptionN4011A MIMO/Multi-Port Adapter
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The Keysight N4011A MIMO/Multi-port adapter is a 1/4-rack width unit used in conjunction with an N4010A test set. The N4011A provides additional features that support production testing of multi-port MIMO-capable devices under test (DUTs). The MIMO adapter provides a switch matrix to connect the multi-ports of the DUT to the RF IN/OUT port of an N4010A.

  • Comprehensive 802.11n test coverage when used with N4010A Option 108 – provides confidence that your product is performing to specification
  • Independent channel measurement of 802.11n MIMO transmitters – ensures MIMO device under test (DUT) performance by capturing all failure mechanisms
  • Fast measurement speed with accuracy and repeatability – reducing test times and increasing throughput
  • Golden (reference) radio connection to the DUT – enables calibrated multi-channel receiver tests and uplink/downlink throughput testing
  • Multi-up testing of 802.11a/b/g WLAN formats – increasing throughput by using the N4011A DUT test ports plus fixturing
  • Automatic path loss compensation, performed by the N4010A, is applied between the RF In/Out and DUT ports – optimizing measurement confidence

Gain the ability to quickly measure and test 802.11n MIMO devices (up to 4×4) and modules with the N4011A MIMO/Multi-port Adapter and N4010A Option 108 802.11n MIMO modulation analysis software.

The N4011A connects to the N4010A wireless connectivity test set to provide a 19-inch rack-width solution, with four switchable RF I/O ports for testing devices of all WLAN formats – including 802.11n.

The N4010A Option 108 and N4011A combination provides full 802.11n test coverage, plus the fast switching hardware and software to allow sequential capture and analysis of WLAN bursts on multiple channels. This innovative technique gives a greater insight into failure mechanisms when compared to composite signal testing, so that even problems such as poor channel isolation can be quickly identified and diagnosed.


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