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N5106A – 616 634 etc.

  • ModelN5106A
  • MakerAgilent
  • DescriptionPXB Baseband Generator & Channel Emulator
  • Option616 634 031 032 034 EFP JFP QFP TFP U01 N7625B-6FP/EFP/JFP/QFP/TFP/WFP
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The Agilent N5106A PXB lets you customize test cases and validate designs under real-world conditions with the broadest range of test parameters.

Create fully parameterized signals for established and evolving standards with Agilent Signal Studio.

In addition, the PXB lets you model the signal-propagation environment with fully parameterized real-time channel emulation (fading).

With the largest playback memory available, you can run longer test sequences to better approximate real-world signals.

You can also capture signals up to 512 Msa from your own device for post-processing.

  • Up to 120 MHz modulation and signal capture bandwidth
  • 512 Msa playback and signal capture memory per channel
  • Up to six BBGs and eight faders for interference, diversity and MIMO test
  • Run Signal Studio software on the PXB in a familiar Windows® environment
  • LTE, HSPA, W-CDMA, GSM/EDGE, TD-SCDMA, Mobile WiMAX™, WLAN, digital video, broadcast radio and GPS
  • Connect with SystemVue software or play back your own MATLAB waveforms
  • Fade RF, digital I/Q and PXB generated signals
  • Up to 120 MHz fading bandwidth or 24 paths per fader
  • Single channel, dual channel, 1×2, 1×4, 2×1, 2×2, 2×4, and 4×2 MIMO
  • Connect to the Agilent 8960 Series 10 (E5515C) wireless communication test 
  • Select standard-based channel models or modify them for the latest wireless formats
  • Calculate correlation coefficients based on antenna setup
  • Input correlation coefficients into custom correlation matrix

616 : 6 DSP blocks on 3 baseband cards

634 : 4 I/O ports – 4 analog I/Q out and 4 digital I/O on 2 I/O cards

031 : One DSP block per license count Expiration Date: Permanent

032 : Baseband Card

034 : IO Card

EFP : Baseband generation

JFP : Calibrated AWGN

QFP : Fading with SISO channel models

TFP : LTE channel models

U01 : Core Instrument Firmware Enhancements Expiration Date: Permanent

N7625B-6FP : Connectivity to N5106A PXB Expiration Date: Permanent

N7625B-EFP : Basic LTE TDD R9 Expiration Date: Permanent

N7625B-JFP : Basic LTE -Advanced TDD R10 Expiration Date: Permanent

N7625B-QFP : Advanced LTE TDD R9 Expiration Date: Permanent

N7625B-TFP : Advanced LTE -Advanced TDD R10 Expiration Date: Permanent

N7625B-WFP : Advanced LTE TDD real-time R9 Expiration Date: Permanent


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