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  • ModelN7744A
  • MakerKeysight
  • DescriptionOptical Attenuator and Power Meter
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Optical Attenuator and Power Meter

  • 1 µs minimum averaging time
  • Four InGaAs sensor ports with 1250 to 1650 nm wavelength range
  • Dynamic range up to 65dB in swept and logging applications without ranging
  • Power uncertainty of ±2.5 %
  • Low polarization dependence of <±0.01 dB

Keysight’s popular N7744A optical power meters with four power-sensor channels provide increased throughput and operational efficiency to meet today’s challenges in manufacturing. Designed for characterizing optical multi-port components, these optical power meters offer industry-leading solutions for device connectivity, high-speed measurement data acquisition and fast data transfer for post-processing. The multi-port power meter enables fast measurement solutions for all multi-port devices; for example multiplexers, PON splitters, wavelength selective switches (WSS) and ROADMs, as well as compact setups for simultaneous testing of multiple single-port devices.

The N7744A power meter achieve a level of space-saving channel density that is new in the industry. This is complemented by the ease of integrating multiple instruments into a single setup with parallel programming over the LAN or USB connections.

The multi-port power meter is an LXI compliant instrument, developed using LXI Technology. LXI, an acronym for LAN extension for instrumentation, is an instrument standard for devices that use the Ethernet (LAN) as their primary communication interface. Hence, it is an easy-to-connect instrument with integrated Web browser that provides convenient configuration of the instrument’s functionality.

With this new power meter comes the unprecedented N7740 fiber connectivity concept, which is a quadruple adapter (quad-adapter) with a snap-on quick-locking mechanism. The device to be tested can be connected to the quad-adapter in a comfortable ergonomic working position, even while the instrument is measuring another device. Then the quad-adapter can quickly be snapped on, to provide repeatably high-precision connections. Use of the quad-adapter simplifies aligning connector keys, especially for rack-mounted instruments and makes it easier to connect ports in the desired order, helping to avoid errors and connector damage.


10x faster than previous measurement solution

  • High-speed measurement data acquisition up to 1 Mio. samples/s
  • Memory for 1 M samples/port plus 1 M/port buffer for continuous logging

25x higher time resolution for transient analysis

  • Short minimum averaging time of 1 µs
  • High bandwidth, up to 240 kHz 3dB-cutoff

Unprecedented device connectivity

  • Industry-leading solutions to separate the connecting task from the measurement task
  • Fibers can be comfortably attached to the quad-adapter away from the power meter
  • The quad-adapter supports MU, FC, SC and LC connectors, as well as bare fiber connectors


  • The instrument is fully compliant to LXI specifications and can be controlled via LAN and USB, as well as GPIB for compatibility with existing equipment
  • The comprehensive hardware and trigger concept along with its large memory storage gives you the flexibility to adapt the power meter to many test needs.


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