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Optixia XM2

  • ModelOptixia XM2
  • MakerIXIA
  • Description2-Slot Optixia XM2 Chassis IP Performance Tester
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The Optixia XM2 is the next generation portable chassis that is a combination of the Optixia architecture with the XM form factor. The 2-slot platform allows for higher port density load modules in a portable chassis.

The Optixia XM2 Chassis has 2 slots for support of up to 2 single wide load modules. The Optixia XM2 supports all XM form factor load modules and many standard form factor load modules with improved system power and cooling. The Optixia XM2 was specifically designed to allow the hot-swapping of load modules, without requiring the chassis to be powered down.

The Optixia family of chassis has improved data throughput between Load Modules and the chassis, with improved backplane performance.


The Optixia chassis provides improved modularity of major components to reduce downtime of a failed chassis and reduce the probability of needing to remove a failed chassis from the test environment. Among the modular features provided are:

  • Power supplies
  • Motherboard and support components (RAM, Hard Drive)
  • Fans

The motherboard and power supplies are accessible from the front of the chassis. Each of the modular components is capable of being removed in the field and replaced with minimum downtime for the customer.


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