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  • ModelP6204
  • MakerTektronix
  • Description1 GHz Active FET Probe
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TEK P6204 Active FET Probe Features The P6204 and P6205 Probes are part of Tektronix’ line of Low Circuit Loading Signal Acquisition probes for CSA (Communications Signal Analyzers), DSA (Digitizing Signal Analyzers), 11000 Series and the TDS Family of Oscilloscopes. The P6204 and P6205 are designed with FET devices for their inputs, which allows very high input resistance values and low input capacitances. The P6204 provides wide bandwidth, with low input capacitance and the highest input resistance available. At the same time the P6204 is the only active FET probe available which provides remote control capabilities. The P6205 provides low input capacitance and high input resistance performance at a budget price. Both Active FET probes provide a wide linear dynamic input range for accessing most digital device families using today’s logic voltage levels. Power for the P6204 and P6205 is supplied by the CSA, DSA, TDS and 11000 Series mainframes through the TEKPROBE BNC Interface, eliminating the need for extra cabling and/or external power supplies.*2 A variable DC Offset function, which is controlled through the mainframe (CSA, DSA and 11000 Series) to bring signals (those within the offset control range) into the dynamic range of the probe, is available for the P6204. Probe information such as type, serial number, attenuation factor, offset scale factor, input resistance and termination resistance required is communicated through the TEKPROBE Interface between the Active Probe and the CSA, DSA and 11000 Series mainframes. This information is used by these oscilloscope mainframes during the scope initialization sequence and measurement analysis. Remote Control of several 11000 Series Programmable Functions/Actions is possible using the “Identify Button” on the P6204 probe head. These functions include Autoset, recall the next in a series of stored setups, invoke Automatic-Measurement, issue an SRQ (service action request) or activate the trace identification function. These Active Probes may also be use with 50 0hm or 1 megaohm oscilloscope systems, with conventional BNC interfaces, via the Tektronix 1103 TEKPROBE® Power Supply. The 1103 has dual TEKPROBE power supply inputs, dual BNC signal outputs and dual voltage offset on/off switches and potentiometers.

  • Low Input C, High Input R – Minimizes circuit under test loading
  • Probe Power Directly from CSA, DSA, TDS or 11000 Series TEKPROBE BNC
  • Interfaces – Means no additional cables or power supplies required*2
  • Variable DC Offset (Except P6205) – Allows correction for DC levels to bring the signal into the probe’s dynamic measurement range
  • Readout Coding for 10X Attenuation – Reduces confusion and errors in measurement readings
  • Gold-plated Replaceable Probe Tips – Improved electrical connections and lower maintenance costs
  • Miniature Size Accessories – Provides wide range of circuit attachments
  • UL Listed – Third party certification for safe operation *1 The characteristics for TEKPROBE Interface probes are subject to change when used with the 1103 Tek Probe Power Supply. Bandwidth, Risetime, Propagation Delays will generally differ from the advertised specification of the Probe Only. *2 To use these TEKPROBE BNC Interface Probes on the 11800 or CSA 800 Series requires an 1103 TEKPROBE Power Supply, an SMA Male to BNC Female adapter and a 50 Ohm BNC cable.
  • DC to 1 GHz
  • 1.9 pF Input C
  • 10 Megaohm Input R
  • DC Offset
  • Identify Button
  • Integral Probe Power TEKPROBE BNC





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