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  • ModelP7350SMA
  • MakerTektronix
  • Description5.0 GHz Differential Probe with SMA Input
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The P7350SMA provides a tool for measuring differential signals in a 50 Ω signaling environment. The P7350SMA measures a differential signal pair on each channel of a multiple channel oscilloscope.

The P7350SMA probe architecture includes an input termination network, a differential buffer amplifier, and a common mode DC bias port. Since many differential data signals operate with a nonzero DC common mode voltage, the DC bias port allows for more flexible interfacing to these logic families. For applications requiring a common mode DC termination voltage, that voltage can be supplied to the P7350SMA DC bias port through a standard banana plug connector. For other differential measurement applications, such as AC-coupled and some DC-coupled high-frequency 8B/10B encoded data streams, the DC bias port can simply be left unconnected.

Input signals use SMA connectors to attach to the input termination network, implemented on a laser-trimmed hybrid circuit for signal fidelity and high-frequency response. The linear buffer amplifier converts the differential input signal to a single-ended output and drives the output signal down the probe cable at full bandwidth.

An active differential buffer amplifier in the probe head enables the P7350SMA probe to move the measurement interface from the oscilloscope front panel to the circuit-under-test. This can reduce the length of electrical interconnect cabling, which for multi-gigabit data signals also reduces frequency-dependent loss distortion in signal measurements. The P7350SMA is connected to an oscilloscope with the patented TekConnect Interface.

<100 ps Rise Time (Guaranteed)
5.0 GHz Bandwidth (Typical)
Dual SMA Inputs to Internal 50 Ω Termination Network
Internal Differential Amplifier with High CMRR
DC Bias Port for Common Mode Voltage Termination
(LVPECL and CML bias capability)
Good Differential Input Return Loss
Low Input Skew
Supplied with Low-loss Matched-delay Cables
TekConnect™ Interface Preserves Signal Integrity to 10 GHz and
Beyond to Meet Present and Future Bandwidth Needs





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