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  • ModelPLZ1003WH
  • MakerKikusui
  • DescriptionDC Loads Power Supply
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The PLZ-3WH series is a multifunctional electronic load device designed with high reliability and safety as the basis. This device has a built-in high-performance current control circuit that enables stable and high-speed operation, and also improves operability and multifunctionality by CPU control. In particular, the constant power control function of this device makes it possible to perform battery tests and other tests more efficiently. In addition, optional interfaces and dedicated remote controllers allow integration into a wide range of test and inspection systems. In addition, various types of load simulation can be performed at high speed.

The PLZ-3WH Series are composed of system electronic loads used either in characteristic or lifetime tests of a variety of DC voltage sources such as switching power supplies and primary and secondary batteries, or as burn in loads. Instruments in the PLZ Series have four operation modes: “constant current“, “constant resistance“, “constant voltage“, and “constant power“. They are also available in four different power ratings, 150 W, 300 W, 600 W, and 1000 W, with a total of eight models available overall. Incorporating a high-performance current control circuit, all instruments provide highly stable, high-speed operation and offer improved operability and multi-functionality through the use of CPU control. These features allow them to simulate actual load tests of power supply units having large transitional changes in their output currents, such as printers and motors. In the constant power mode, these instruments deliver performance in carrying out load tests on alkaline and other types of batteries. Furthermore, PLZ-3WH Series accept DC input voltages of up to 500 V, making it ready for use at high voltages. And when an optional GPIB or RS-232C interface is employed, these instruments can be operated by fully programmable control. In particular, take advantage of a Kikusui-designed multi-channel bus (MCB) to simultaneously control a maximum of 16 instruments per GPIB address or RS-232C port.

[Voltage / Current Range] 5~500V, 0~50A
[Power Range] 1000W
[Number of channels] 1

• Constant power mode useful for battery discharge tests
• Setting of various conditions Variable rise/fall time function
• Sequence function that allows complicated current simulations
• Setup function and backup memories
• Remote sensing that compensates precisely for set values
• Trigger signal output useful for waveform monitoring
• Three-memory function and switching function
• Soft-start function that suppresses output voltage distortion
• Short-circuit function that allows instantaneous setting of the maximum current
• Parallel operations that offer increased current and power capacities


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