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  • ModelPLZ153W
  • MakerKikusui
  • DescriptionDC Electronic Load, 1.5-120V / 0-30A 150W
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The Kikusui PLZ153W 150 Watt Electronic Load is a system electronic load used either in characteristic or lifetime tests of a variety of DC voltage sources such as switching power supplies and primary and secondary batteries, or as a burn in load. It has four operation modes: “constant current”, “constant resistance”, “constant voltage”, and “constant power”. Incorporating a high-performance current control circuit, the PLZ153W provides highly stable, high-speed operation and offer improved operability and multi-functionality through the use of CPU control. These features allow it to simulate actual load tests of power supply units having large transitional changes in their output currents, such as printers and motors. In the constant power mode, the PLZ153W delivers performance in carrying out load tests on alkaline and other types of batteries.

Operating Voltage (DC) 1.5 to 120 V
Current 0 – 30 A
Power 150 W


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