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  • ModelPXIe-5605
  • MakerNI
  • DescriptionDowneconverter 20Hz-14Ghz
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The National Instruments PXIe-5605 is a high-performance Downconverter Module known for its exceptional frequency range of 20 Hz to 14 GHz and built-in automated testing capabilities. An integral part of the PXIe-5665 RF Vector Signal Analyzer, it is compatible with the PXIe-5653 Analog Signal Generator and PXIe-5622 IF Digitizer. This module stands out with an average noise level of -165 dBm/Hz at a 1 GHz carrier frequency and a phase noise of -129 dBc/Hz. 

The NI PXIe-5605 provides automatic control of IF filtering through NI-RFSA and supports manual selection as well. Three types of IF bandpass filters are supported by the NI PXIe-5605: 5 MHz, 300 kHz, and Through. The Through IP bandpass filter provides a nominal bandwidth of 80 MHz at -6 dB and functions at a typical limited bandwidth of 47 MHz when the pre-selector is enabled. The 5 MHz filter provides a nominal bandwidth of 5 MHz at -3 dB and a nominal output IF frequency of 190 MHz. The 300 kHz filter provides a nominal IF output frequency of 199 MHz at -3 dB. The module is equipped with multiple connectors including one each for RF IN, IF OUT, LO1 IN, LO2 IN, LO3 IN, and three for LO OUT (LO1 OUT, LO2 OUT, LO3 OUT). It also comes with an external DC block for the RF IN connector to protect the device in the presence of a DC signal. Notably, while the National Instruments has announced Obsolete Status for the PXIe-5605, the module remains available for purchase and repair.





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