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  • ModelR6245
  • MakerAdvantest
  • DescriptionVoltage Current Source/ Monitor
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The R6245/6246 Series are DC voltage/current sources and monitors having source measurement units (SMUs) with 2 isolated channels. The series covers wide source and measurement ranges.
It is ideal for measurement of DC characteristics of items ranging from separate semiconductors such as bipolar transistors, MOSFETs and GaAsFETs, to ICs and power devices. Further, due to the increased measuring speed and synchronized 2channel measurement function, device I/O characteristics can be measured with precise timing at high speed which previously difficult to accomplish.
Due to features such as the trigger link function and the sequence programming function which automatically performs a series of evaluation tests automatically, the new R6245/6246 enable much more efficient evaluation tests.

■ Synchronized 2-Channel Generation, Measurement
■ Measurement Resolution of 1 µV, 10 fA (SMU220-2), 100 pA (SMU62-20)
■ Source Range ±220 V, ±2 A (SMU220-2, 2.4 W)/±62 V, ±20 A (SMU62-20, 140 W)
■ Minimum Pulse Width 100 µs, Minimum Step 700 µs


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