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  • ModelRTB2004
  • MakerR&S
  • Description300 MHz, 4CH Oscilloscope
  • OptionRTB-B243
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

Power of ten (10-bit ADC, 10 Msample memory and 10.1″ touchscreen) combined with smart operating concepts make the R&S®RTB2000 oscilloscope the perfect tool for troubleshooting embedded designs, for university laboratories as well as for production and service departments.
The largest display (10.1″) with the highest resolution of its class (1280 × 800 pixel) works just like your smartphone.
It contains a capacitive touchscreen to quickly navigate in pop-up menus and a touch function to easily adjust scaling, to zoom in or to move a waveform.
The 10-bit A/D converter yields up to a four-fold improvement compared to conventional 8-bit A/D converters. You get sharper waveforms with more signal details.
10 Msample memory depth is available on each channel as soon as all channels are active. When interleaved, 20 Msample are available. This is 10 times more than comparable oscilloscopes offer. It therefore captures longer signal sequences for more detailed analysis results.
The R&S®RTB2000 provides users with more than just an oscilloscope. It includes a logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, waveform and pattern generator and digital voltmeter.
Dedicated operating modes for frequency analysis, mask tests and long data acquisitions are integrated. Debugging all kinds of electronic systems is easy and efficient – and
satisfies the all-important rule of investment protection at a  very attractive price.

Vertical system
Analog channels R&S®RTB2002; R&S®RTB2004 2; 4
Digital channels (opt.)   16
Bandwidth (-3 dB) R&S®RTB2002/2004 (with R&S®RTB-B2x1, R&S®RTB-B2x2 and R&S®RTB-B2x3 options) 70 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 300 MHz
Rise time R&S®RTB2002/2004 (with R&S®RTB-B2x1, R&S®RTB-B2x2 and R&S®RTB-B2x3 options) 5 ns, 3.5 ns, 1.75 ns, 1.15 ns
Input impedance   1 MΩ ± 2% with 9 pF ± 2 pF (meas.)
Input sensitivity max. bandwidth in all ranges 1 mV/div to 5 V/div
ADC resolution   10 bit, up to 16 bit with high resolution decimation
DC gain accuracy offset and position = 0, maximum operating temperature change of ±5°C after self-alignment input sensitivity > 5 mV/div: ± 1.5% of full scale
input sensitivity ≤ 5 mV/div: ± 2% of full scale
Acquisition system
Realtime sampling rate   1.25 Gsample/s; 2.5 Gsample/s, interleaved
Acquisition memory standard; with R&S®RTB-K15 option 10 Msample; 20 Msample, interleaved;
160 Msample segmented memory
Max. acquisition rate   50 000 waveforms/s
(300 000 in fast segmented memory mode)
Horizontal system
Timebase range   selectable between 1 ns/div and 500 s/div
Accuracy (after delivery/calibration)   ±2.5 ppm
Channel-to-channel skew   max. 800 ps (meas.)
Channel deskew   ±500 ns
Trigger system
Standard Trigger types   edge, width, video (PAL, NTSC, SECAM, PAL-M, SDTV 576i, HDTV 720p, HDTV 1080i, HDTV 1080p), pattern, line, serial bus
Optional Trigger types   I2C, SPI, UART/RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, CAN/LIN
Trigger sensitivity with DC, AC, LF reject input sensitivity > 5 mV/div: < 0.8 div (meas.);
2 mV/div ≤ input sensitivity < 5 mV/div: < 1.5 div (meas.);
input sensitivity < 2 mV/div: < 2 div (meas.)
  with HF reject all input sensitivities < 1 div (meas.)
Analysis and measurement functions
Automatic measurements    32
Cursor measurements   4
Waveform mathematics    5 equations math on math (addition, substraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, abs. value, reciprocal, inverse, common log,, natural log., derivative, integral, low pass, track unipolar + bipolar on period, frequency, pulse width, duty cycle) 
Mask testing
Mask definition   elementary (tolerance mask around the signal)
History and segmented memory
Number of segments   up to 13 107
Protocol trigger and decode
Supported protocols   I2C, SPI, UART/RS-232/ RS-422/RS-485, CAN, LIN
Waveform generator
Resolution   14-bit
Sample rate   250 Msample/s
Amplitude high-Z; 50 Ω 20 mV to 5 V (Vpp); 10 mV to 2.5 V (Vpp)
DC offset high-Z; 50 Ω ±2.5 V; ±1.25 V
Arbitrary sampling rate; memory depth max. 10 Msample/s; 16k point
Logic analyzer (MSO) functionality
Digital input channels   16
MSO Memory depth   10 Msample for every channel
MSO Bandwidth   300 MHz (meas.)
MSO sampling rate   1.25 Gsample/s
MSO input impedance   100 kΩ ± 2 % || ~4 pF (meas.) at probe tips
Parallel buses   up to 2
General data
Dimensions W × H × D 390 mm × 220 mm × 152 mm
(15.4 in × 8.66 in × 5.98 in)
Weight   2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
Display   10.1″ WXGA TFT color display (1280 × 800 pixel)
Interfaces   USB host with MTP, USB device, LAN, powerful web server for remote display and operation
Operating system   Embedded

B243  – 300 MHz bandwidth 





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