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  • ModelSMC100A
  • MakerR&S
  • DescriptionSignal Generator 9 kHz to 3.2 GHz
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

The R&S®SMC100A offers outstanding signal quality at an attractive price. It covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 1.1 GHz or 3.2 GHz. Output power is typ. > +17 dBm.
All important functions (AM/FM/φM/pulse modulation) are already integrated in the instrument. This makes the R&S®SMC100A signal generator a flexible and versatile
Total cost of ownership is an important factor when purchasing a measuring instrument. The R&S®SMC100A, apart from offering a low initial cost, also boasts low service costs since users can replace defective modules on their own and verify the level repeatability and accuracy by using the R&S®NRP-Z91/R&S®NRP-Z92 power sensors.
These outstanding features make the R&S®SMC100A ideally suited for use in service and maintenance labs.
Due to its small dimensions and lightweight design, the R&S®SMC100A is also the perfect choice for field applications or training and education environments.
❙ Signal generator with the best price/performance ratio in its class
❙ Signal generator with the smallest size in its class
(½ x 19″, 2 height units)
❙ Frequency range 9 kHz to 1.1 GHz or 3.2 GHz
❙ Maximum output level of typ. > +17 dBm
❙ AM/FM/φM/pulse modulation provided as standard
❙ Low total cost of ownership

High performance at an attractive price
• Low SSB phase noise of typ. –111 dBc (f = 1 GHz, 20 kHz carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
• Wideband noise of typ. < –146 dBc (f > 1 MHz, carrier offset > 10 MHz, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
• Nonharmonics of typ. < –72 dBc (f ≤ 1600 MHz, carrier offset > 10 kHz)
• Level error < 0.9 dB
• Frequency and level setting times < 5 ms
• Optional high-stability reference oscillator
Flexible and universal all-purpose signal generator
• Frequency range 9 kHz to 1.1 GHz or 3.2 GHz
• Typical maximum level of > +17 dBm
• Analog modulation modes (AM/FM/φM/pulse modulation) integrated as standard
• Remote control compatibility with other signal generators
• Multiple language support (nine selectable GUI languages)
• Integrated overvoltage protection
• Wear-free electronic attenuator
Space-saving operation due to small dimensions
• Smallest signal generator in the economy class: ½ × 19″, 2 height units
• Lightweight
Minimized total cost of ownership
• Attractive initial cost
• Long calibration interval
• Simplified error diagnostics through built-in selftests
• Repair by users by means of precalibrated replacement modules
• Optimization of level accuracy through level correction with R&S®
NRP-Zxx sensors
Ideal tool for many application fields
• Service and maintenance
• Research and education
• Field use
• Secure areas
• Simple production applications


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