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  • ModelTC120
  • MakerYokogawa
  • DescriptionUniversal Counter, 704112-1-M/T1, 110V
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Fast sampling

The TC100 Series have an internal memory which allows you to sample and store up to 1024 pieces of data using GP-IB commands. The TC100 Series can achieve a fast sampling rate since the display is not updated when storing measured data into the memory. The stored data can be transferred over GP-IB bus with a “time stamp” so you can see how your data vary with each measurement.

Peak Voltage Measurement

With the TC100 Series, you can measure peak voltages as well as time parameters. You have two simultaneous 3 digit displays of the high and low peak-voltage levels. These peak voltages can be used as benchmarks for voltage-based GO/NO-GO judgments in inspection lines.

Display of Trigger-level Setpoint

When you are setting the trigger level manually, you can change its setpoint while still continuing measurements. In addition, you can confirm the trigger level digitally on the display. Setting is easy. Use the SETTING key to set the trigger level in 20-mV increments (when ATT = x1).

Digit-masking Function

You can mask the least significant digits as necessary. Masking them allows the measured value to appear only to the degree of accuracy you require (only in the number of digits you require). Use this function when the input signal is unstable or the insignificant digits fluctuate plus or minus one digit in counting a number, due to error. This function is extremely useful when using the counter as a monitor in the field or on a production line.

Scaling function

The TC100 Series computes the algebraic formula (aX + b) for every measured value X, except for those of peak voltage measurements, where a is the scale factor (scale value), and b is the offset; the constants a and b can be set at the user’s discretion. The resulting computation appears on the LED display. One or two different settings of the formula can be saved in the internal memory and retained even after the power is turned off. This function is especially useful when converting to other physical quantities or when measuring a deviation from the reference value.

Gate signal input on Channel B
You can use the input signal on Channel B as an external gate signal for frequency and totalization measurements. In this way, you can set an arbitrary timing to start measurement or you can change the resolution.

Hold-off function

The hold-off function allows you to set a length of time in which signals carrying chatter from relays or systematic noise will be disregarded. The counter then ignores the input signal for that duration, making your measurements free from noise.

Example of frequency and period measurement.

Tm Tc110 03

Block Diagram TC120


Block Diagram TC120

The TC110 and TC120 are multifunctional universal counters equipped with a GP-IB as standard. These models are fully GP-IB programmable and allow you to control all your panel setting via the GP-IB so you can use these counters in an automated measurement system. With the internal memory that stores up to 1024 data items, you can sample and output data at high speeds with the GP-IB commands. You can also measure a variety of waveform parameters, such as the duty factor and peak voltages, as well as time parameters including frequencies, time intervals and totalizations, all with one counter. Other features include the digit-masking, scaling, D/A output and handler interface functions.


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