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  • ModelTC120
  • MakerYokogawa
  • DescriptionUniversal Counter, 704112-1-M/T1, 110V
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The TC110 and TC120 are multifunctional universal counters equipped with a GP-IB as standard. These models are fully GP-IB programmable and allow you to control all your panel setting via the GP-IB so you can use these counters in an automated measurement system. With the internal memory that stores up to 1024 data items, you can sample and output data at high speeds with the GP-IB commands. You can also measure a variety of waveform parameters, such as the duty factor and peak voltages, as well as time parameters including frequencies, time intervals and totalizations, all with one counter. Other features include the digit-masking, scaling, D/A output and handler interface functions.

 Display  7-segment red LEDs for 9 digits decima
 Sampling Rate  4 ms or greater, or hold
 Peak voltage measurement: 20 ms
 Memory Function  Stores/recalls eight panel setups with the STORE/RECALL key
 (non-volatile memory).
 Scaling Function  The following algebraic formula is applicable to any
 measurement function except the peak voltage measurement.
 aX + b, where X is the measured value, a is the scale factor
 (scale value), and b is the offset.
 Two different formulas can be set for each measured value.
 GP-IB interface (equipped as standard)
 Conforming standards: IEEE STD 488-1978 (JIS C1901 – 1987)
 Transfer rate: Approx. 5 ms (200 data/s)
 Subsets: SH1, AH1, T5, L4, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT1, C0
 Size of internal memory: 1024 words max.
 Sample rate to memory: 1 ms or from 10 ms to 300 s, settable  in 10 ms steps



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