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  • ModelTCPA300
  • MakerTektronix
  • DescriptionOscilloscope Probe Amplifier
  • Rental문의요망
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The Tektronix TCPA300 oscilloscope probe amplifier is a highly advanced current measurement system. When connected to Tektronix oscilloscopes with TEKPROBE Level II, TekConnect (w/ TCA-BNC) or TekVPI (w/TPA-BNC) interfaces offer a wide current measurement capability, from low-level milliamp measurements to high current levels. It can also be used with non-Tekprobe systems to make proper current measurements, by multiplying the measured output voltage on the oscilloscope by the TCPA300 range setting.
Requires Tektronix TCP305 ( 628-7534 ) or TCP312 ( 499-592 ) current probe, available separately.
Supplied with instruction/service manual, TEKPROBE interface cable, Male-to-Male BNC cable (50O), 50O feedthrough termination, Certificate of Traceable Calibration.

DC to 100MHz: Current Probe Amplifier
Automatic scaling and units 1 – Oscilloscope on-screen readout of magnitude and amps reduces measurement errors with no more hand calculations
AC/DC input coupling
Low insertion impedance reduces device under test loading
Split-core construction allows easy circuit connection
Status indicators provide visual operating status and notification of potential error conditions – degauss, probe open, overload, not terminated into 50ohm, no compatible probe type
Lower DC drift and noise allow improved low level current measurements





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