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  • ModelTM500
  • MakerAeroflex
  • DescriptionLTE 테스트 모바일
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In the demanding world of developing new cellular equipment, base stations typically arrive long before mobiles. But without a mobile, how do you test the base station? Aeroflex, with its TM500 test mobiles provides the answer. Need an HSPA+ handset UE? Choose TM500. Need an LTE UE with 300Mbit/s performance? Choose TM500. Need multiple UE for LTE development testing which can be re-used as part of a capacity test solution? Choose TM500!

Every major infrastructure vendor and a majority of femtocell manufacturers use TM500 throughout the development cycle. Why? Because it’s the industry standard for 3GPP verification, validation and optimization. From HSDPA through HSUPA and HSPA+ to LTE, TM500 offers all the capabilities of a mobile terminal with advanced test functionality. And what’s more, the TM500 roadmap is always in step with the latest demands of the industry to help Aeroflex’s customers deliver their new products on time.

Testing a single base station against a single mobile isn’t enough though. Scheduling algorithms need to be optimised and the base station needs to be load tested. With the TM500 Multi-UE and EAST500, complex scheduler and load capacity testing can be performed early in the design cycle and help deliver robust, flexible and high performance solutions to network operators

Aeroflex Test Mobiles provide low level handset UE control and configuration flexibility combined with the detailed measurement data required by infrastructure engineers to rapidly diagnose engineering issues. New technology test mobiles such as those based upon LTE have leading edge roadmaps to support testing of the very latest 3GPP functionality

Technology Test Mobile Products
TM500 LTE Multi-UE
EAST 500
TM500 HSUPA Multi-UE
TM500 HSDPA Multi-UE


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