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TYPE 2012

  • ModelTYPE 2012
  • MakerB&K
  • DescriptionAudio Analyzer
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

Audio Analyzer Type 2012 offers
three powerful measurement techniques in one instrument. Time Selective Response (TSR), Steady State
Response (SSR) and FFT Spectrum
(FFT) techniques combined with full
complex processing, ensure that Type
2012 will solve almost any electroacoustic measurement problem.

❍ Transducer workstation combining the most
advanced sine sweep and FFT techniques
❍ 12″ high-resolution colour monitor displays up to 36
curves simultaneously
❍ Frequency range: 1Hz to 40kHz
❍ Distortion and noise: <–80 dB re full scale input
❍ Fast time selective measurement of complex
frequency and impulse response
❍ Steady-state response measurements as a function
of swept frequency or level
❍ Automated measurements of individual Harmonic,
Intermodulation and Difference Frequency distortion
components and total RMS
❍ 1600 line FFT spectrum
❍ User-definable Auto Sequences
❍ Extensive post-processing facilities: +, –, ×, /, 1/x,
x2, √x, |x|, poles, zeros, windowing, editing,
❍ On-screen help in English, French or German
❍ Preamplifier (microphone) and balanced or singleended direct inputs
❍ Two separate built-in sine generators
❍ Built-in 31/2″, 1.44Mbyte, PC/MS-DOS compatible
floppy disk drive for storage of data, setups, and
Auto Sequences and simple loading of complete
❍ Screen copy facility for plotters and printers, both
colour and monochrome, direct or via disk
❍ Upgrade kit from Version 3.0 to Version 4.0


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