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TYPE 2609

  • ModelTYPE 2609
  • MakerB&K
  • DescriptionAudio Frequency Measuring Amplifier
  • Rental문의요망
  • Stock문의요망

T he Mea suring Ampl ifier T ype
2609 is inlended for use in the audi o
freq uency range where its pr incipa l
appl icat ion will be as a micro ph one
am plifier. T he mete r meas u res RMS
voltage accord ing to !E C 651 a nd includes an A-we ighting net work. Th e
Type 2609 feat ures con nect.ions for a
cond enser micropho ne prea mplifier
via a 7-pin B & K socket , so t ha t wit h
a suita bly posit.ioned conde nse r microphone, mea sur em ents can be made
that conform with t he IEC 651 st anda rd (Ty pe 1). Th e Measu ring Amplifier also includ es prov ision for t he direel conn ect ion of acce leromete r pr eamplifi ers. It ca n be used as a n input
am plifier when reco rding sou nd or vibrat ion signals wit h tape recorder s,
where ga in adju sta ble in 10 dB steps is
a useful capability. T he Ty pe 2609 is
the idea l amplifi er and mete r in mul tichann el noise monito rin g syste ms, a nd
as an aud io frequ ency compresso r amplifier in feedb ac k cont rolled syst ems.

• Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz
• Voltage measuring rang e 100 µV to 30 V RMS
• General purpos e audio frequency amplifi er (90 dB
• Microph one amplifi er for use with Tape or Level
• “Fast” and “Slow” RMS indication to IEC 651
Type 1
• Sound level meter conforming with IEC 651 Type
1 (with suitable microphone arrangement)
• A-weighting network to IEC 651
• Direct Input and Mic . Preamp . Input with O V, 28 V
or 200 V micro phone polariztion
• Measuring amplifi er in multiple microphone arrays
• Audi o frequenc y amplifier with selectable gain
steps • AC and DC output signals
• Interchangeabl e meter scales


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